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Vanity Tops Explained

Find the right vanity top for your home.

Find the right vanity top for your home.

Mineral Composite Vanity Tops

Mineral composite tops are heat formed to an exact mould and back filled with a heavy compound. Manufactured by Duroclass, these Australian-made tops are built to stand the test of time.

Mineral Composite Explained
  • – Massive range of sizes
  • – Consistently smooth and flat
  • – Durable and strong
  • – Easy to repair if scratched
  • – Not susceptible to chipping
  • – 10 year warranty
  • – Australian made
  • – Custom sizes for wall to wall fitting (if required)
  • — Susceptible to heat damage – for example from a curling iron or hair straightener
Ceramic Vanity Tops

Made with porcelain ceramic moulding techniques, ceramic tops add a more traditional look and feel to a bathroom.

Ceramic Explained
  • – Traditional look and feel
  • – Glassy finish makes it easy to clean
  • – Overflow
  • – 5 year warranty
  • – Heat resistant
  • – Susceptible to chipping
  • – Smaller range of sizes
  • – Surface variations to be expected due to ceramic tops being hand made from natural materials
  • – Susceptible to cracking due to impact



Dolomite Vanity Tops

Elegant and smooth, these tops are composed of Dolomite sourced from selected certified mines in the EU. The result is a stunning natural and sophisticated piece in your bathroom.

Dolomite Explained
  • – Clean crisp lines for easy cleaning
  • – Durable and very strong
  • – 5 year warranty
  • – Heat resistant
  • — Surface can scratch if not treated with care
  • — Limited range of sizes
Laminate Vanity Tops

Laminate is crafted where decorative paper infused with resin is securely bonded to both sides of a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard substrate under controlled heat and pressure conditions.

Laminate Explained
  • — Durable
  • — Easy to clean and maintain
  • — Good stain resistance
  • — 5 year warranty
  • — Susceptible to heat damage (e.g. hair straightener)
  • — Potential water damage if exposed to excessive moisture

This high-performance 20mm solid surface material is manufactured using a special multiprocess technique – creating a vanity top with a beautiful blend of colours and realistic granite appearance.

SilkSurface Explained
  • — Nonporous
  • — Easily repaired if scratched
  • — Good stain resistance
  • — Crack and chip resistant
  • — Can be drilled on site with normal wood hole saw
  • — Silica-free
  • — 10-year warranty
  • – Susceptible to scratching, although can easily be repaired